My Story

Ten years ago I received a gift that came to me in the form of an idea for this book…

“Trey Turner is a country music superstar, but fame and money won’t buy him the one thing he can’t live without… his ex-wife, Sierra.”

I’d never written a book, didn’t know anything about writing a book, but I had two passions: reading romance and country music. I wanted to combine those passions and write a romance book about a country musician!

From that moment on, I read every romance book I could get my hands on, studied my craft, took courses, and welcomed harsh criticisms from best-selling authors who’d been through the trenches. I studied the business, learned about writing a novel, and finally took the plunge. I knew there was no going back when I locked the door to my business for the last time.

Are you waiting for the happy ending? Here it is…

Trey Turner’s story, Shameless, was the first book in the Nashville Nights series. Hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded it since its release in March 2012 and those readers encouraged me to write seven more books in this series and eleven books in the spin-off series, Nashville Nights Next Generation.

To every reader who has played a part in my happily ever after, thank you.

But that’s not the end of my story.

Stay tuned for two brand new series this summer… Texas Titans and Music City Moguls.