Blown Away

Ava Cooper owns a successful dating service. Her life`s work is to connect people and hope they`ll fall in love, but she isn`t looking for her soul mate. On the contrary, she`s a busy professional with a full life. She has a great family, friends, and a cute little dog who follows her wherever she goes. When she gets a private message from a man who`s intrigued by her profile, she’s knows her assistant, Tara, is to blame. Tara`s determined to help her boss find a man, apparently against her will. But Ava isn’t willing to take the bait.

When Brent Armstrong`s brother emails him a link to a dating website, he assumes he’s just giving him grief again, but when Ava`s picture appears on his screen, he can’t breathe. He knows that woman. He tries to get her out of his head, but when that doesn’t work, he decides to swallow his pride and send her a private message, hoping she`ll remember him. When she doesn’t respond, he has a choice to make. Should he let it go, or give her a friendly reminder of the night she rocked his world?

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