One – Eli Rea has been in love with Jamie most of his adult life, but he has his pride. If she wants to waste her life fantasizing about a man who never loved her half as much as he does, he decides to let her have her way, no matter how much it hurts him to let her go.

But is Jamie ready to say good-bye to the best friend she’s ever had or will she realize that sometimes taking a detour to love is the best way to find it?

Two- Keith Armstrong has a reputation as a player, with good reason. It’s not that he doesn’t want to find love, he just hasn’t… yet. He’s known Tara for years, but it isn’t until fate throws them together that he realizes she may be the only woman who can tame him.

But is Tara willing to take on the challenge, or will she decide she isn’t willing to play a high stakes game with her fragile heart?

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