Brody Steele understands the meaning of love. He has spent the better part of his life with one woman, the only woman he’s ever wanted. He assumed they’d get married someday, but that day never came. He was too busy having a good time, living the life of a professional poker player, making millions… to give his lady the life she deserved. But she got tired of waiting and set him free. Only he doesn’t want to be free. He wants her! But she’s not buying it.
Riley Myers has had her heart broken one too many times. By the same man. She believed Brody would be her husband, the father of her children one day, but she couldn’t wait forever. Months of waiting turned into years and they were no closer to a trip down the aisle than they’d been when they graduated college. She has too much pride to put her life on hold forever… even for the man she loves

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