Burn Out

As the President of Titan Records, Evan Spencer knew he had big shoes to fill when his father, Luc, retired and handed over the reins of the company to him. Fifty hour work weeks turned into eighty hours and his girlfriend, Rosanna, gave him an ultimatum… either he make their relationship a priority or she’s leaving him. He doesn’t expect her to follow through on her threat, until she does.

Rosanna Carlton knew his ex-boyfriend, Evan, would be at their friend’s wedding in the Bahamas. One week in a tropical paradise with her ex could be torture. It’s a good thing her new boyfriend is there to act as a buffer.

Evan has a plan. He has seven days and seven nights to prove to Rosanna that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to salvage their relationship. But when she shows up with a new man, Evan realizes he’s going to have to step up his plan or risk losing her forever.

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