End Zone

High Rollers marketing director, Matt Hudson, has had a thing for Kristen Beck for as long as he can remember. She was the untouchable prom queen who was out of his league back in high school, but the tables have turned. Since Matt was named one of cities most eligible bachelors, he can have his pick of beautiful women. As soon as he sees a magazine profile touting the success of a certain sexy event planner, he knows he’s found the one he wants. Ever since her magazine feature, Kristen Beck has had more job offers than she knows what to do with, but when her irreplaceable assistant demands a stress leave, Kristin knows she can’t afford to take on any more projects. When one of the partners in the High Rollers chain calls to offer her a lucrative contract, she regretfully declines. But she has no idea Matt Hudson isn’t willing to take no for an answer.


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