Free Agent

Sabrina Mitchell has been frequenting High Rollers with her girlfriends ever since the sports bar opened. She loves sports and men who play sports. So when a professional baseball player makes a play for her, she’s excited to see where the relationship might take her.

Dylan Clark has had his eye on Sabrina ever since she walked in to their bar for the first time five years ago. He’s watched her place bets in front of the big screen, hustle guys at the pool tables, smoke a cigar in the lounge, and beat a team of rowdy men at darts. She’s sexy, sassy, and unforgettable. He knows she thinks of him as a good friend, she’s told him more than once, but when he has to stand back and watch her fall for a professional pitcher with a wicked fastball, he knows it’s time for him to step up to the plate.


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